FAQs About GMOs

It can be tough to figure out why there’s so much fuss over genetically modified ingredients in food. This reprint from the upcoming March 2015 issue of Consumer Reports will help you sift through the facts.

Pesticides In Your Diet? Cut It Out!

Dr. Chensheng (Alex) Lu, Associate Professor of Environmental Exposure Biology at the Harvard School of Public Health, explains why reducing pesticides in your diet is critical to reducing the toxic effects of pesticide exposure for you and your family.

Sugar, Salt, Fat…

Here it is at last, well-documented investigation that shows how we have all been manipulated into bad health by the food industry; people who have literally made a killing off us by getting us hooked on synthetic food. It’s a problem that just can’t be fixed with a bag of Bunny Luv baby carrots.

GEO Watch: Effort Underway for Labeling Law in Washington State

A grassroots campaign has been launched in Washington State for the adoption of a labeling law for genetically engineered foods (a.k.a. GMO or transgenic foods). The grassroots initiative seeks support for I-522, which would mandate labeling of transgenic crops or foods containing GMOs. You can read the full text of the proposed initiative below this commentary. The I-522 movement is led by a diverse group of consumer advocates, organic farmers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and has recruited a wide variety of endorsements from NGOs, municipalities, faith-based groups, farmers and farmer associations, seed savers and exchange groups, plant breeders, and well-known and respected elected officials.

Food Safety Held Hostage

Food safety.

This is another truth about modern times in America no one wants to look at. The idea is that science and modern medicine has ended serious food-borne illness. But the fact is, we have lots more now and it is growing to epidemic proportions.

52 Pages of Chemicals Used to Treat Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products

We don’t call this publication “GoodFood World” for no reason; we believe everyone should have access to good, nutritious, safe food. It turns out that the way the food industry processes our food is becoming more and more problematic. We’ve provided a list chemicals that can be used – mostly without labeling – to treat meat, poultry and egg products; and it reads like the supply room for a chemical lab.

“Formed Meat Products” – Who’s gluing your steak together?

A growing trend among restaurants, food producers and butchers has some consumers scratching their heads and wondering “what’s in the beef?” It’s not what you’d expect to be on the menu, but chances are you have eaten meat that’s been bonded together with a product called “meat glue.” Or even more descriptive: “blood glue.”