Lentil Tacos – 2 Ways

Tacos are a favorite treat for children and teens every where – and don’t forget the adults! How can you offer a tasty alternative that they will love as much as the traditional beef or chicken taco? The easiest way is to make the lentil fulling just as you would the beef filling and add the same toppings. Easy peasy!

Taco Tuesday will still be your favorite quick meal for the whole family.

Jacob’s Red Lentil Soup

The Biblical story of Jacob and Esau and the lentil soup resonates with many as a story of human weakness and trickery, where a younger brother tricks a hungry older brother into selling him his firstborn birthright for a bowl of soup. But is it that simple?

Pita, Not Pizza – Avoiding a Baking Disaster

I recently avoided disaster, thank goodness! It was Saturday – and we have homemade pizza every Saturday or every other Saturday. So I stirred yeast into some water, let it sit; next added flour and salt. After kneading for a bit, I covered the bowl to let it rise.

Then… Life got in the way. It was not to be Pizza Night!

Puppy-Approved Treats and Snacks

When your fur baby has terrible food allergies, what do you do? And what about those always necessary puppy treats? These are puppy-approved, contain no allergy triggers for Lizzie, and simple to make. They are nothing more than tiny cookies.

Sizzling Summer Sundays – Chicken on the Grill

There are days when it just doesn’t pay to cook inside, and hot summer Sundays seem to be the norm here in Seattle this year! Fire up the grill, quarter that pastured organic chicken, and do dinner “al fresco!”

Baking Pies: Pizza and Apple

Baking pies – pizza or apple – doesn’t need to be tricky or intimidating! Some flour, some salt, some water, maybe some yeast or fat, and there you go. Start with the best ingredients you can find and you can’t go wrong.

The Perfect Spring Dinner: Miso Lamb Chops

Miso and lamb chops – that combination of words, flavors, and images can bring one up short. When I hear “miso” I immediately think of sushi and a small bowl of broth. And the thought of lamb chops never connects me to Japan and Japanese cuisine. However in Japan, lamb chops are as much of a special treat as they are here in the US. It turns out that miso, sesame, garlic, and ginger are a great combination to give a terrific flavor to the tender chops.

Ma Petite Chou!

When life – or your CSA – hands you not one, not two, but THREE cabbages (OK, so we collected them over three weeks), it’s time to make cabbage soup. In the GoodFood World kitchen we turned an assortment of meats and vegetables into enough soup for an army – or at least a family of 8!