The Business of Baking at SHIFT

If you see fudge sauce or marshmallows on the dessert menu, you can bet they’re made from-scratch. No food dyes, corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. Fruit is used when it’s in season and bulk ingredients are organic. No, the sugar’s not local and neither is the chocolate; these are fundamental building blocks of dessert as we know it. I can’t figure a way around that one, but considering everything else we do I’m comfortable with the compromise.

Cooking Is Not For Everybody, But Eating Is!

Make food simple, make the methods transparent. People will be amazed. They’ll try it at home. They’ll come back for more. Cooking is not for everybody. Eating, on the other hand, is and that’s good enough for us.

Food Halls: Just Another Fast Food Stop

Visit the cathedrals to food where delectables from the world over are on display. The gross over production and high price of food in western markets are being demonstrated in a new phenomenon: Food Halls.

Local Sourcing Is On Good Footing at Stumbling Goat Bistro

In a city where everyone seems to shop at one of the ten Seattle Farmers’ Markets, one of the 11 natural food co-op stores, or one of three Whole Foods Markets, a chef can be challenged to deliver on his or her claim of local sourcing. The good news: Stumbling Goat Bistro’s Joshua Theilen has farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, fishermen, and millers beating a path to his door.

FareStart Gives Seattle’s Homeless a Fair Start

On the corner of Seventh Avenue and Virginia Street in Seattle is a restaurant. It’s a restaurant much like many other downtown restaurants: tall glass windows, comfortable seating, a view into a bustling kitchen and a creative – sometimes edgy – menu. But there is something that makes this restaurant different.

Where Is the Food In Food Service?

Over the last several years, GoodFood World has ventured into a number of trade events, including a number of special segments: Produce, Natural Products, Food Service, Natural Food Stores, and Farming and Organic Production. It is eye-opening to see who attends, how trends are changing, and how attitudes to food and food production vary from venue to venue, audience to audience.

Dinner With Lisa

Visiting Allium Restaurant on Orcas Island is much like having dinner at Lisa Nakamura’s house. The restaurant is small – seating about 35 – and there are just two in the kitchen: Lisa and Anna Harlow. Chef Nakamura launched Allium in 2010, and the world noticed! Ms. Nakamura generously answered questions for GoodFood World, and here are a few insights into her philosophies, business practices, and management style.

Welcome to Blossom’s B and B – Breakfast AND Bed!

So what do you think B&B stands for? “Bed and Breakfast” or “Breakfast and Bed?” If you’re visiting Blossom’s B&B in Missoula Montana, you’ll find the accommodations are excellent – it’s a restored 1910 Craftsman-style house, after all – but it’s Blossom and her food that make it truly special.