We’ve Lost One of the Great Ones!

March 8, Lea McEvilly – a dear friend and contributor to GoodFood World, passed quietly at 92. She was small but determined – far out-weighed by many of the rams she wrangled, and chose to do things her way. As befitting this unique woman, Lea left this world with her children by her side on International Women’s Day.

Voices From the Farm: From Ice and Snow to Summer Delight

With fewer sheep to care for there was more time to spend gardening, and despite an overabundance of rain, by June things were pretty much under control. I took time to sit down and enjoy a beautiful day and write my observations of early June.

Voices From the Farm: Charting the course with Poohbah – Hold the Lambing!

The continuing saga of Poohbah, the Snow Queen: we took her to visit our vet. At 63 pounds she definitely needed to gain weight before we could have her spayed. We set out to fatten her up, along with giving her medication for the Valley Fever. $148 for the first 100 pills! She was taking 1½ pills per day. By the time the refill was needed our vet had located a less expensive source – in the $90 range. Eventually she found a source for under $50!

Voices From the Farm: A Heroic Rescue Trip and the Storm Queen Arrives

Following the loss of Red Rover, Lisa had been encouraging me to start looking for a new guard animal. However, I was still depressed at the death of the little alpaca, who had entered our lives for a charmed period that ended badly. I was reluctant to pursue the search for a replacement. Then one day Lisa emailed that I should look at “Pet-Finders.com,” as there was a dog there that I should see.

Voices From the Farm: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A new year, and we were hoping for better things. I knew I should start the process of looking for new guardian animal for the sheep, but my heart was not in it. A little time needed to pass after we lost Sheba, but I got back in the daily routines.

Voices From the Farm: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom of Night

What a year for weather! January started off with a nasty storm of freezing rain, and our patio and driveway were a glare of ice. By the middle of February and shearing day, we got our winter in earnest. All summer we had plenty of moisture and in September we were hit by torrential rains, including 19″ of rain in a single night!

Voices From the Farm: Picking Up the Pieces Again

It was looking like a good part of the year would be spent on putting the final touches on the previous years’ landscaping activities. I was finding that the old saying, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get,” certainly applied to me! I wasn’t moving as fast as before!

Voices From the Farm: Back to Reality

The APHIS inspector declared me a poster child for the Scrapie Certification Program! I wondered if they would let me do commercials like all the other icons… I could endorse ram harnesses, ear tags, tattoo outfits, drench guns, dewormers, lamb nipples, and all sorts of glamorous stuff!