Winter in Vermont – the WWOOFing Way

At this time of year in Vermont the animals are devoting what energy they have to staying warm. When the hens do lay eggs, they’re often frozen before we get to them. Some chickens have even developed frost-bite, so we stopped opening the doors for them in the mornings – they’re literally cooped up.

Thinking About Going WWOOFing?

Kate and Ian are WWOOFing in the North East; their advice for others wanting to try it: “It’s likely you’ll also come out of it with a couple of good stories, some delicious recipes, a few great friends, and at least one place you’ll always remember.”

Finding Real Food in Yellowstone National Park!

Stopping at a gift shop and grocery in Grant Village, we were surprised to find they offered potatoes, onions, and bananas at a good price, as well as organic grapes and local wines. They even had stickers denoting some locally sourced products. So there is good food in Yellowstone!

Hyper-Local Food in Chico Hot Springs, Montana

Ian and I set off on our cross-country honeymoon. First stop: Chico Hot Springs, Montana, known for the natural springs that warm the pool and hot tub. And where we discovered gardens and greenhouses and hyper-local food!

Kate’s in the Kitchen: Quick, Seasonal, and Affordable!

Now that summer is in full-swing, it’s time to take advantage of the season! That means making use of all the seasonal produce we can get our hands on, but it also means making quick and affordable meals that you can take on-the-go.

Living the Chicken Life (Part 2)

Around the time the chicks turned four weeks old, things started to get really hairy … err, feathery around here. They weren’t the fluffy chicks they once were; down had been replaced with real feathers, and the girls had a new set of priorities. Mainly using those new wings to launch themselves to the highest available perch, where they sat and preened their pretty little feathers.

Lemon Dill Egg Salad

Egg salad is my ultimate quick lunch. Got eggs? Got bread? Good to go! It takes little more than ten minutes to make enough egg salad for two with leftovers.