Terry Carkner, Terry's Berries, on Growing Organic Berries

Terry’s Berries is a 25 acre organic farm located on the edge of Tacoma in the Puyallup valley where Terry and Dick Carkner have been farming for over 25 years. The Carkners are committed to growing high quality, fresh food for healthy people and to bridging the gap between the consumer and the farmer.
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Vegetable reference books: Where did THAT come from?

How do you grow it? How do you harvest it? How do you prepare it? Here are three references that will help you learn more about veggies like red runner beans, New Zealand spinach (one of our favorites), black radishes, purple potatoes, kohlrabi (another on our “like” list), fennel (the herb and the vegetable), and rainbow-colored carrots.
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Let’s go viral with Meatless Mondays

My first month of offering Meatless Mondays in my kitchen is over, and I’ve received all my survey forms back. I can officially proclaim it was received with great success. From my point of view, I admit there is a learning curve. Classes/dinners required substantial prep on my part – particularly in coordinating which components of dinner I wanted prepared ahead of time, and which I wanted to demonstrate live.
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Gluten-Free Apple Crostata

Just because you are forgoing gluten, doesn’t mean you can’t have pie. And who says apple pie has to have a “top?” This is an easy-to-make, tasty dessert. Make it using organic apples, fair trade sugar, organic butter, and farm fresh eggs.
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Weight weight, don’t wait!

It doesn’t take any talent to gain weight (or spend money), especially at this time of year. Let’s be honest. It’s post Thanksgiving and I got on the scale after 5 days of family, fun and food and WOOPS… a few extra pounds in no time! A little too much noshing on a little too much extra, and not enough exercise (because of all the company and cooking), and here I am, sporting a little extra baggage. Well, it at least affords me the perfect opportunity to discuss a few thoughtful reminders I’m planning to put in place between now and the next set of holidays.
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Katie's in the Kitchen: Lively Leftovers

In light of our recent Thanksgiving feasts and the abundance of leftovers that was sure to follow, here is some advice on how to make tasty use of the stuff from the day (or week) before. If you’re still faced with leftover turkey (I am!), your most likely option is to turn it into sandwiches. Traditional turkey sandwiches are one of my favorite things. But it is possible to get tired of your favorite things, so be creative and mix it up.
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In the kitchen with Ina

I’m inspired in this moment to discuss the topic of cooking meals, as it’s one that’s near and dear to me. With Monday, October 24, 2011 officially having been designated as Food Day, the time is ripe. The focus is to bring cooking – not just anything, but real food – back into home and hearth across America.
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Just How Organic Are Organic Strawberries?

While organic crops are grown without conventional pesticides and other chemicals, berry “starts” are treated as non-fruiting nursery plants and they can be treated with chemicals at that stage and still be considered organic once they are moved organic land and grown to fruiting stage.
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Be a Light Unto the World... Just Do It!

The default that rules the game of American food and health is our culture.Unchallenged, one’s environment wins (in determining our lifestyle) and lower income areas are supported with ubiquitous fast-food crap. At best, the corporate guise of care under the name of nutritionism tries to educate, through advertisements, food packaging labels, magazine and news stories of the latest wonder food component.
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Putting By, As My Grandmother Would Say

Fruit harvest is in full swing now and from what I’ve learned, you can pickle almost any of them. My grandmother would be proud of me, to see me putting by some fresh cherries, pickled for winter enjoyment!
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