How to Buy a Flour Mill: Check Craig's List

Then one day, in June of 2007, Kevin was checking Craig’s List for bargains and came across this ad: “Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill for sale…” Kevin didn’t know a thing about flour or milling, but he was willing to learn and to work hard.
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Terry Carkner, Terry's Berries, on Growing Organic Berries

Terry’s Berries is a 25 acre organic farm located on the edge of Tacoma in the Puyallup valley where Terry and Dick Carkner have been farming for over 25 years. The Carkners are committed to growing high quality, fresh food for healthy people and to bridging the gap between the consumer and the farmer.
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Thanksgiving - Give Thanks for Your Local Farmer

All turkeys – wild turkeys and the broad-breasted white or the dozen or so “heritage” breeds grown domestically today – are the same species (Meleagris gallopavo). Consumers who want pasture-raised heritage breed turkeys are looking for birds that are well cared for, grow slowly, and have flavorful meat. We can support our small, local farmers who are doing their best to raise a good bird and sell it at a reasonable price.
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Deconstructing a 'Zero Mile' salad

Spring is a tough season to try to subsist on garden vegetables, but it IS possible to do pretty well with salad greens and herbs.
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The Healthier “Happy Meal” (sans the GMOs!)

Three weeks ago I began a class out of my kitchen, called “Meatless Mondays in Ina’s Kitchen.” For the month of March, I’ve opened up my kitchen to 8 eager participants who come hungry and receptive to what I’ve prepared and set before them. Each week I have a theme or two, and a menu that exemplifies the themes. The foods chosen reflect the transition into spring and the produce being as seasonal and local as possible.
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The Illusion of Diversity

Yes, it’s Spring – and produce season is ostensibly months away. I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek because we can buy hot weather fruit and vegetables year round thanks to the “miracle” of modern transportation.
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Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Head Out to Your Local Natural Food Co-op

Still have a few folks on your shopping list? No worries! Just head out to your local natural food co-op where you can find all sorts of goodies for last minute gifts.
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From Ready-Made to Homemade

Maybe you’ve been making your own granola for years but it never occurred to you that not all mac n’ cheese comes from a box. I remember when I first decided to make tomato sauce myself. I used canned tomatoes at first instead of fresh, sure, but there’s no problem with that. At least I was thinking outside the jar of ready-made marinara.
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