Central Co-op – Strongly Committed to Democracy, Community, and Sustainability

Seattle’s Central Co-op – which recently returned to its original name after a 10-year stint as Madison Market – is unique in a number of ways and the Co-op’s very strong personality shows through. The location, the owner membership, and the cooperative structure have turned this market into one of the most politically and socially active co-ops in the Pacific Northwest.

Pick a Peck of Purple Peppers

Minutes after meeting Hilario Alvarez in the packing sheds on his farm south of Yakima Washington, we were dashing after him down and across rows of peppers that were blazing with ripe fruit. Until you’ve stood knee-deep or, in some cases, waist-deep in dark green pepper plants, you have no idea how striking the colors of ripe peppers can be.

Frank Morton explains how GMOs get that way

Ever wonder exactly how Monsanto gets those genes into GMOs? Frank Morton explains it in layman’s terms. For decades, Morton has been a “salad guy,” raising a wide variety of greens for seed and selling seed to gardeners and farmers.

The Organic Opportunity

“THE ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY/Local Organic Food as Economic Development in Woodbury County, Iowa” tells the story of the first county in the US to promote local organic agriculture as economic development.

Organics From Mexico – Are They Safe?

In winter and early spring, while most of our regional farms lie dormant, grocery store produce sections remain well stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Much of this vast selection comes from Mexico. How did these fruits and vegetables arrive here? If Mexican produce is labeled organic, how do we know that it is reliably organic?

Organic Product Buyers Shift to Traditional Grocers/Target

Nearly 40% of US consumers buy products that are – or contain – certified organic ingredients, a number that has held steady for the last three years. Where those consumers are shopping for those products has changed toward conventional and mass market outlets and away from natural food stores.

Trends Trek Through Seattle

After a summer of margaritas at the beach, s’mores aplenty, and a few too many sunburns, fall has turned from “back to school” to “back on track,” finding us searching throughout Seattle for all things healthy and whole without sacrificing taste and fun. With that, we thought it was high time to take our readers along with us on a virtual tour of what’s on trend and on the horizon in the world of health and wellness.