Time to Think Gardens – Get Those Cool Season Starts!

It’s the middle of March and time to get your seeds in – and for those of us lucky enough to live in milder climates, time to get those cool season plant starts!

Buying starts and seeds from local growers and at local sales ensures that you get plants that are climate-appropriate. Here in Puget Sound there are some plants that just don’t do well in our short summers!

The Seattle Tilth March Edible Plant Sale is coming up next week, and then the summer season plants are for sale in May.

(Take a virtual tour of last year’s Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale here.)

For households on tight budgets who can’t afford to buy plant starts, sharing purchased or saved seeds brings down the cost of garden plants. Even a few seeds in a container on a deck or balcony can add fresh produce to a family’s diet.

Need some help growing your own? We’ve got interviews with two local authors describing their books on gardening and urban farming.

Lisa Taylor talks about her book, Your Farm in the City, in Urban Agriculture – Growing Your Own. Lisa, Seattle Tilth Education Programs Manager, gives advice to people who live in the city and want to grow some of their own food in spaces as small as a window box or as large as a city lot.

Joshua McNichols talks about The Urban Farm Handbook, a book he shared authorship with Annette Cottrell. The Handbook is divided into four major sections representing the four seasons and it is a great resource for those wanting to grind their own grain, raise backyard chickens and goats, maximize their garden production on a small urban lot, and preserve their bounty.

Get planting!

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