Video: Welcome to Your GMOcery!

We live in a marvelous world of scientifically enhanced food. The GMO Fantastic Four known as: corn, soy, canola and cotton, are omnipresent shapeshifters. From our corn we get flour, meal, oil, starch, syrup and sweeteners. When you see the words fructose, dextrose and glucose, you’re seeing GMO Corn.

Watch these three videos – the story in three parts – where Ina Denburg, our Healthy Eating columnist, tells us exactly what GMOs are and how they affect the environment, the animals that eat the modified plants, and us – the people eating those food animals.

Remember: We are what we eat, eats!

Click here to watch all three of Ina's videos!
Click here to watch all three of Ina’s videos!

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About Ina Denburg

Ina is a Lifestyle Coach and Wellness Educator who has lived and worked on the path of health and wellness for 30 years. She is passionate about wellness, her practice continuumLiving, is devoted to helping others discover, define and live it for themselves – at home, at work, and in school.

GMO-Free Kitchen – a service Ina provides for individuals or groups. All consumer aspects from understanding to eliminating GMO foods, from cleaning them out of your pantry to shopping and replacing with upgraded food items, to learning how to cook delicious GMO-free meals.

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