Ina Denburg, Health and Wellness

Ina Denburg, Health and Wellness

Ina Denburg is a Lifestyle Coach and Wellness Educator who has lived and worked on the path of health and wellness for 30 years. She melds her experience as a nationally certified Life Coach, Health Professional, life-long organic vegetable gardener and natural foods cook in offering practical strategies and positive solutions for people seeking to upgrade their lifestyle… and their life.

She is Co-Author of The Diamond Diet: A Multifaceted Path to Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss. In it she created a 7-week program to awaken our awareness of how to live a healthier and ecologically more thoughtful life. Ina works one-on-one with individuals, offers group workshops and Mindful Eating and food awareness programs to schools in New Jersey. Visit Ina’s website continuumLiving here.

Here is a link to Ina’s GoodFood World articles and commentary.

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