Submit A Recipe – Get FREE Lentils!

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OK, Timeless Food fans… here’s your chance to be famous and (a little bit) rich AND get free lentils!

Here’s what you do to get a little bit rich:

Submit a winning recipe to the National Lentil Festival Cook-Off by June 17 and you could win up to $2000 and a trip to Pullman WA. That’s cool! We’d love it if you would specify Timeless Foods lentils in your recipe!

And it gets better! Here’s what you do to get free lentils – and you don’t have to be a winner of anybody’s contest:

  1. Submit a recipe to the Lentil Festival Cook-off (OK, you just did that!) that specifies one of the Timeless lentil varieties in the recipe. Here are the varieties to choose from.
  2. Send us a copy of your submission – print or save a copy before you push “send” – and a photo of the finished dish and you as chef. Submissions go to
  3. We will send you a box with an assortment of three of our 1-pound bags of lentils. And for your 15 minutes of fame, we will feature your recipe on our website! (You’ll have to wait until after the Lentil Festival, August 16-17, since we need to keep all recipes under wraps until then.)

Best of luck in the Cook-Off! And you’ll be a winner in our eyes when you send us your submission!

In the meantime, try Ina Denburg’s Red Lentil, Roasted Tomatoes, and Dill Soup – Yum!

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