The Organic Food Handbook by Ken Roseboro

The Organic Food Handbook, Ken Roseboro (Basic Health Publications, 2007)

More and more people are eating organic food because they want a healthier and safer alternative to “conventional” food. They want food produced without toxic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and genetic engineering. They want food that sustains both human health and the environment.

The Organic Food Handbook written by Ken Roseboro examines this important trend and provides a concise, simple guide to buying and eating organic food:

  • What organic food is, and how it is produced
  • How conventional food poses threats to human health and the environment
  • Why organic is a healthier, safer choice
  • How organic certification ensures that organic food is produced to the highest standards
  • How research is demonstrating the benefits of organic food on human health and the environment
  • Why “local” organic is even better than organic.
  • Where to buy organic food at the most economical prices

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One thought on “The Organic Food Handbook by Ken Roseboro

  1. The official U.S. position on genetically modified organisms is that there is no difference between gmos and natural organisms. The issue goes even further to suggest that no country should be able to require mandatory GMO labeling on food items. Scared? You should be. A recent study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that GM Corn has caused organ damage in lab rats. I’m sure the corn is fine to feed to our cattle or eat ourselves though.

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