Who Will be The Biggest Farm Bill Loser?

We all struggle with eating healthy and sustainably, but it isn’t completely our fault. Over the last few decades, corporate agribusiness has been working to manipulate policy that encourages overproduction of crops that are the building blocks for processed foods. The result? An overabundance of highly processed foods on our grocery store shelves.

Watch to find out who will be the biggest Farm Bill loser!

3 thoughts on “Who Will be The Biggest Farm Bill Loser?

  1. Are not all the shelves full of processed foods manufactured with the GMOs the fat cats “let” the farmers grow? Are not the top chemical companies buying up all the seed companies to control the market? Unless you support your local small farmers or better yet grow your own food, there is no other choice but to pay the fat cat. Its your health..

  2. The maker of this video has great intentions, but is economically ignorant. The US Congress did not do anything for prices of independent farmers. It is the US Congress, then and now, which price fixes food and farm inputs.

    Advertising did NOT make cheap process foods more attractive. The price made the foods more attractive and that prices was fixed by the government. The government is the problem.

    No no no the government does NOT need to step in to make markets fair. The government needs to step OUT of picking winners and losers and rigging the market.

    Congress does NOT need to ensure a safety net for businesses. That is ridiculous. It needs to get out of the way and not favor anyone. The farm bill should have never and should not exist at all. The entire thing should be null and void.

    It is the absence of government and the free market that brings prices down and creates a balance in supply and demand.

    1. John,

      Trying to condense the entire Farm Bill into 2 minutes is probably more than any one group should ever take on, especially since Marion Nestle, NYU, is teaching an entire class on it!

      I appreciate your input – let’s keep the conversation going!

      Gail N-K
      GoodFood World

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