50 Women Game Changers – Who’s Missing?

Gourmet Magazine gives us their “top 50 countdown of the most important women in food. Period.”

The list of 50 Women Game Changers – women who have influenced today’s food world – includes the greats like Julia Child, Alice Waters, Martha Stewart, and more.

But there’s something wrong with this list! As much as I love Julia Child, I cringe as I read how much butter she adds to her recipes. And aside from Alice Waters, who is championing local, organic, or sustainably grown products?

Clearly we’re missing the “good food” folks! So here are a just few we suggest:

  • Theresa Marquez, Organic Valley
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology
  • Maureen Wilmot, Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF)
  • Joan Boykin, The Organic Center
  • Christine Bushway, Organic Trade Association (OTA)
  • Peggy Miars, Organic Materials Review Institute.

Help us build our list of “50 Women Good Food Game Changers.” Who would you like to see added? Use the comment box below and the list will keep growing!

No, “organic” is not required in the name of the company or organization… 😉

8 thoughts on “50 Women Game Changers – Who’s Missing?

  1. What about Frieda Caplan, the founder of the produce company that brought the Kiwifruit (and many other specialty produce items) to U.S. supermarkets?! Sugar Snap Peas, Spaghetti Squash, Shallots, Habanero Peppers… If it weren’t for Frieda’s Specialty Produce Company, these items might not be mainstays in produce departments today. Talk about changing the way America eats. Learn more about Frieda’s Inc., and the amazing women who run this company today: http://www.friedas.com (Founded in 1962!)

  2. Kudos on highlighting these great women! But I must disagree with your concern about how much butter Julia Child used. Butter (and other natural fats) have unfairly gotten a bad rap, largely at the hand of Big Ag’s promotion of margarine and other man-made “fats” designed to “make us healthier.” French cooking is *loaded* with fat (including real, delicious, natural butter), yet the French don’t have America’s obesity problem. They eat *real* food. Here are some sources that highlight the benefits of real butter:


    And, for those who are game to delve into more scientific detail about the benefits of real, natural saturated fat in our diet (and how it’s not *fat* that makes us fat or unhealthy), read Gary Taubes’ book, “Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It.” Here’s a link > http://www.garytaubes.com/writing/books/why-get-fat/.

    Thanks for all you do to help shatter the food myths served up daily in the mainstream media!

    1. Heidi,

      As a “dairy(wo)man” you know the value of good milk, cream, and butter. I totally agree that butter is much better for you than any manufactured, colored fat!

      But as one who badly needs to watch my calorie intake, Julia’s recipes just make me cringe. I love watching her old shows, and she always adds “a little more butter” – by the spoonful.

      I would happily put a little butter on my bread from cows like yours!

      Give the girls a pat on the nose…


  3. Added for Theodora Filis:

    I have 3 great women:

    1. Helen Browing, Director, Soil Association, UK
    2. Marion Nestle, Food Politics Blog, Author, Professor
    3. Judy Wicks – White Dog Cafe Founder – she’s truly amazing & must be on that list!

    Follow Theodora on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/theodora.filis

  4. Our MD & Chief Catalyst Rachel Zedeck working tirelessly to show the world the untapped potential of Africa’s smallholder farmers to feed the Africa & the world.

    1. Thanks, Bernice!

      Please share this post so we can cover as many good women as possible!


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