Food for All Seasons

A real local food revolution must feed people healthy, local food year round to be sustainable. How can that be done in an efficient, cost-effective way?

At the Benton Harbor Fruit Market, Market Master Lee LaVanway has helped the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College make a commitment to serve local fruits and vegetables year round include winter.

Food for All Seasons” tells the story of this pioneering development.

Video produced by Christopher B. Bedford, Montague, MI, a filmmaker and strategic campaign/organizing consultant helping communities meet the challenges of our rapidly growing economic, social and environmental crisis.

2 thoughts on “Food for All Seasons

  1. Paul,

    What’s so special about this video is that the Mendel Center is actually preparing and freezing vegetables in season for use off season. When did we forget how to do that?

    Thanks for the comment!

    Keep reading and keep the conversation going…

    Gail N-K
    GoodFood World

  2. Farmers and local food suppliers who grow locally, organically, sustainably and in a responsible manner must be supported. If it were not for these people we as a species would perish. We can turn around the cycle that we are in and get away from the mass produced overly processed and industrialized packaged foods that are shoved at us by an industry that is hell bent on marketing the latest in soilent green foods. People we need to wake up and get our heads out of the sand. Teach our children where our food comes from and how it is produced. Show them the people that make it possible for them to enjoy food that has meaning in their lives. Now is the time.


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