Putting Seed to Soil: Andrew Stout, Full Circle Farm, Carnation WA

Full Circle Farm is located less than 30 miles east of Seattle in one of the agricultural protection zones and is shielded from the pressure of surrounding residential development. Run by Andrew Stout and his wife, Wendy Munroe, Full Circle Farm is a 400-acre farm comprised of several locations in the Snoqualmie River basin.

Stout’s goal is simple: to grow large enough to change the food system. That’s a big goal for a small company, but for a 400-acre farm that has annual sales of $11 million and continues to grow by 30% to 90% a year, he believes it’s the only way to make a real difference.

One thought on “Putting Seed to Soil: Andrew Stout, Full Circle Farm, Carnation WA

  1. Andrew:
    Just viewed the video and then shared it with family and friends around the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been on this ‘natural high’ since you and your team members visited our Farm here in Hollister, CA this past Friday.
    I’m honored and proud to be part of such a great and wonderful program that truly cares about changing our Food System….’Smart People Eat Smart’ and let’s educate those that desire CHANGE.
    Looking forward to Going Forward here in California.

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