Shiso: The Taste of Summer

Shiso Ume Katsu - Shiso and Pickled Plum Japanese Fried Cutlet

Summer for me brings back fond memories of living in Tokyo and discovering new foods to enjoy to beat off the muggy summer heat of such a massive city. Chief among my favorites was shiso. Shiso also known as Perilla, Beef Steak Leaf, or Japanese Basil, is actually a member of the mint family.
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Dinner With Friends

What do you really know about the food on your plate and where it came from? Today’s exercise in the provenience of our food – who grew it, who processed it, who sold it?
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Soup of the Evening, Beautiful Soup!


It’s worthwhile examining our dependence on canned goods during a season when the lack of sunshine coincides with a shortage of fresh produce at the market. The days are shorter and colder, and popping open a can of soup is just too easy when you need a quick, hot meal. But the difference between fresh and canned extends far beyond the method of preparation.
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The Forgotten Ham

Every year at Easter, ham takes the spotlight. A traditional slow roasted smoked ham with brown sugar glaze was my family’s favorite. Yet what about the “forgotten ham” – the uncured, fresh ham? Pick out a fresh picnic ham (shoulder roast) and you’ve got a delicious alternative for the holidays.
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Tomato Dill Soup

Tomato Dill Soup

This recipe is modified from a soup made by the Ovens of Brittany in a small cafe on a busy business thoroughfare in Madison WI. For nearly five years, I ate this soup at least once a week; it’s still my very favorite tomato soup.
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Noodles: Like Mama Used to Make

pasta machine

Why would I make noodles when I can pop into my neighborhood grocery and get them for less than $2 a pound? And that question has a logical answer: Because if I make them, they are fresh, and I know exactly what goes into them.
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Kate's in the Kitchen: Maple-Glazed Nuts


From the snowy woods of Vermont, Kate offers maple-glazed nuts; now you can make them too!
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Ina's Unmeatloaf

Unmeatloaf is a “mileage” food for sure (when something takes a little longer to prepare but you can freeze some for later use). It’s not hard to make, but there are a few steps involved. I think you could add whatever vegetables you wanted into the saute, just as if it were your own “meatloaf” recipe. Feel free to experiment. It feels great to have this in the freezer for that weeknight home cooked meal.
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Sourdough Crackers - Easy and Versatile

Einkorn crackers

We’ve been slowly moving away from any processed foods in our household, and crackers have been a holdout. I never could seem to get something that was crisp enough and with enough flavor. These are yummy, crispy, and soooo easy to make with real ingredients!
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Spicy Coconut Sweet Potato Soup with Collard Greens

Spicy Coconut Sweet Potato Soup with Collard Greens

Easy to make, full of autumn goodness, and yummy! Spicy without a hint of curry.
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