Summer Means ‘No Cook’

This classic Swiss breakfast recipe (from my girlfriend’s aunt in Switzerland) made from uncooked rolled oats, dried and fresh fruits, and ground nuts, is heavenly!

Ask Ina: Identifying Trojan Horse Foods

Shopping for healthy foods can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding nutritional labels. Grams, calories, percentages, recommended allowances. Is there a way to quickly assess whether a food is “healthy” or not?

Ask Ina: Is There Such a Thing As TOO MUCH Protein?

I have a daughter who is vegan and a son who is involved in all kinds of afternoon sports and I’m concerned that they might not be getting enough protein in their diets. I see all sorts of products on the grocery shelves with labels that say “added protein” or list the amount of protein on the front of the package; do I need to buy those products to make sure my kids are getting the protein they need?

The short answer is: No, you don’t need to buy protein enhanced products to ensure adequate protein in your children’s (or an adult’s) daily diet.

Ask Ina: Dreamfields Pasta – Real or a Bad Dream?

In my family we all love pasta and could eat it every day! Dreamfields claims that their pasta is healthier than regular pasta as their “unique manufacturing process creates a matrix within the pasta protecting 31 grams of carbs from being digested.” Can you educate me on this??

The Bridge and the Bully

Deep in the heart of Capitol Hill, behind closed doors, national corporate bully Monsanto is working to ensure its world dominance by pressing President Obama and Congress to fast-track trade deals that force other countries to treat GMOs with the same lack of caution we in the U.S. currently do. Should this come to pass, countries could lose their right to regulate factory farms and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Ina’s Unmeatloaf

Unmeatloaf is a “mileage” food for sure (when something takes a little longer to prepare but you can freeze some for later use). It’s not hard to make, but there are a few steps involved. I think you could add whatever vegetables you wanted into the saute, just as if it were your own “meatloaf” recipe. Feel free to experiment. It feels great to have this in the freezer for that weeknight home cooked meal.