Position Statement on GMOs in the Food System

GoodFood World Position Statement on Genetically Engineered or Modified Organisms (GMOs)
in the Food System

From the beginning of time, food has been the foundation of culture throughout the world, and often the seat of wealth and prosperity. However, food system dynamics are characteristically influenced by exogenous conditions such as climate change, the availability of water, civil and political unrest, the plight of farm workers, and now, major corporate enterprise combined with world trade and the use of sophisticated technology to manipulate the very genetic structure of plants and animals.

At GoodFood World, we strive to counteract many of the industrial influences now prevalent in the production, processing, distribution, and sale of our food because we believe these corporate-driven intrusions are scientifically unfounded, motivated by capitalization – of both people and natural resources – for profit, and degrading to the environment as well as human health. Alternatively, we believe in the biodiversity of traditional agriculture and traditional breeding technologies, which are openly and freely shared, and which exclude plants and animals that have been genetically engineered or modified.

We also believe in the need to protect the environment from the destruction of seed and crop diversity, the threat of uncontrollable cross-pollination, and development of herbicide-resistant weeds and pesticide-resistant insects resulting from the expanding use of genetically engineered crops and the ensuing degradation of soil fertility and structure and water quality and recharge.

We believe in the right of farm workers, food handlers, and consumers to be safe from exposure to toxic chemicals applied to crops genetically modified to withstand ever-increasing amounts of herbicides.

We believe in the sanctity of life, the concern for and humane treatment of animals, that no part of any plant or animal can be patented, and that access to any part of the food system should not be controlled through patents.

Therefore, we believe in the need for labeling all products containing genetically engineered ingredients and the right of consumers to choose whether to purchase food products containing genetically engineered ingredients.

And based on this position, we will cooperate to educate everyone who produces, processes, prepares, or consumes food products regarding the presence of genetically engineering in the food supply. GoodFood World provides free access to published documents that promote organic, transitional, and “low-chemical-input” food primarily grown and distributed through local and regional food systems.

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