If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Try To Fix It!

As they say (more or less): “inquiring consumers want to know…” GoodFood World recently received a comment from a reader that made it clear consumers are concerned – and confused – about genetically engineered foods being developed and brought to market.

To help answer our reader’s questions, we spoke to Keith Mathews, CEO of FirstFruits of Washington, marketing arm of Broetje Orchards near Yakima WA. He gives us details on how organic apples are grown, non-browning varieties of apples developed using traditional breeding methods that are already on the market, and the dedication of apple growers and breeders to bring the healthiest and best-tasting apples to market without genetic engineering.

The question:

I purchased a bag of your red delicious apples, bar code 333xxxxxxxx, USDA organic, and have found that they do not turn brown. This is an indication that they are not organic and are most likely GMO apples. How can you advertise apples as organic when they have glyphosate in them?

Editor’s note: Glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide RoundUp, is never used on or near trees. It is a “kills all” herbicide, and as a result would not only kill weeds, but the trees themselves.

Apples growing in Broetje Orchards, Prescott WA
(Take a virtual tour of Broetje Orchards here.)

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