It Takes a Community to Save a Valley

The Snoqualmie Valley is just minutes from downtown Seattle, yet it’s miles and miles from the noise, the dirt, and the traffic. Small farms are strung along the Snoqualmie River like beads on a necklace. They thrive on the rich bottom land and easy access to water, yet they are inundated with floods in the spring and the fall.

Every year the Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance throws a party – food, drink, dancing, music, and auctions – to raise money to be able to evaluate, monitor, and mitigate the effects of too much (and too little) water in the valley. Erick and Wendy Haakenson, Jubilee Biodynamic Farm, were this year’s hosts.

Jubilee Farm Floods: March 2014 and November 2006

The Snoqualmie River drains water from the surrounding hills, many of which are covered with expensive homes built in the last 20 years. Construction in the watershed has removed forests, increased the amount of “hardscape,” and changed water patterns.

Enjoy a tour of the 2014 SVPA Taste of the Valley.

The Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance (SVPA) is made up of farmers, residents, and businesses that are committed to setting policies and standards for flood management, habitat restoration projects, and recreation uses compatible with the long-term viability of the lower Valley. Learn more here.