Down on the Farm

It rained…

Actually, it rained again!

For five Tuesdays in a row it rained.

Your GoodFood World publishers are farmers one afternoon a week at Jubilee Biodynamic Farm in Carnation WA and it has rained every week since the end of April!

A little mud never hurt anyone! And while a little rain is a good thing, too much turns lowlands into soup – dark brown, sticky soup.

We’ve been seeding, transplanting, re-transplanting, and planting, and then weeding all kinds of goodies for ourselves and other CSA members.

















And each week we get to take home the very freshest of vegetables and fruit. Since June has been cool and damp our selection has included mostly greens so far: head lettuce, arugula, mizuna, totsoi, poc choi, mustards, chard, kale etc. We’ve gotten some other treats too: green peas and pea pods, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, scallions, kohlrabi, radishes, and turnips. Don’t you just love those brassicas?

The greenhouse is bursting with tomato plants covered in loads of green tomatoes – a little more warmth and sun would be good for them too! The apple trees are sporting little green apples and there are raspberries on the bushes.

Last week we weeded pumpkins and this week we filled in gaps between pumpkin plants with new ones. Pumpkin time in October is one huge celebration – tours every weekend, wagon rides, and pumpkins as far as you can see.

We’ll be so proud when we see the results of all our hard work!

By the way, never underestimate the value of a cookie and tea break when you’re weeding and planting. The “Tuesday Afternoon Crew” – the handful of workshare volunteers on the same weekly schedule – work together week after week and sharing snacks makes the conversation flow and the work go faster.

Remember: Many hands make for fast work!

See you next week!