Recipe for America by Jill Richardson

Recipe for America: Why Our Food System Is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It, Jill Richardson (Ig Publishing, 2009)

America’s food system is currently dominated by agribusiness and factory farms, whose destructive practices pollute the environment, are cruel to animals, and worst of all, offer us unhealthy food choices. Despite this dire situation, most people have little idea how to eat differently, or healthier.

In Recipe for America, food activist Jill Richardson shows how sustainable agriculture – where local farms produce food that is healthy for consumers and animals and does not damage the environment – offers the only solution to America’s food crisis. In addition to highlighting the harmful conditions of industrial farming, this timely and necessary book details the rising grassroots food movement, which is creating an agricultural system that allows people to eat sustainably, locally, and seasonally.

A call to action for those who are concerned about what they eat and the health of the planet, Recipe for America shows how sustainable eating nourishes our bodies, our economy, and our environment, making it the best hope for the future of food in America. (From the back cover.)

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