Cheap Food, Big Portions – Willpower Defeated!

Big Mac

Looks like we’re doomed! And we just thought it was a lack of willpower…

According to a study done at Cornell University, powerful environmental forces are bending us to their will:

  • larger packages
  • cheap prices
  • big portions
  • ease of access to unhealthy food
  • seeing others eat (in restaurants, for example)

Read the details in Cheap Food, Big Portions Stymie Willpower

Hummus Plate

What are the alternatives?

  • Eat whole, unprocessed food – no packaging.
  • Buy direct from the grower or producer so he/she gets a larger portion of your food dollar.
  • Serve realistic portions and eat reasonable amounts.
  • Learn to cook and prepare good healthy food yourself.
  • Enjoy eating with family and friends, at home or in restaurants; but truly “dine” don’t just “eat!”

Need a hand knowing what to do next?

Read Ina Denburg’s columns on Healthy Eating or Katie Hilmer’s columns on Eating on a Budget – these gals have some great suggestions!