Thoughts About How We Eat

We no longer know why we eat the way we eat — our eating habits have grown entirely eclectic. We’re as often as not focused on novelty, whimsy — a reflection of our personal identities, all clowns in a gigantic world trade circus.

All our cultural connections to food are being lost — as are our natural connections to each other and the earth.

On the surface, everything is artifact; beneath the surface, all the ecological links that sustain us are being fragmented. Soon, we must reconnect to something but no one seems to know what that is going to be, factory-derived, homegrown, wild, or…

One thing is for sure, our real choices are diminishing along with our resources as population expands exponentially.

Take corn, for instance; now it is in everything we eat. Soon it will be everything we eat, regardless of the shape, color or form. In such a world, what does choice really amount to? Only a costume, an entirely artificial persona, on a dying planet, in a society where individual humanism is irrelevant.

Yes, we are what we eat and a lot of us are beginning to look like “corn.”

We don’t eat what’s good for us, we eat what tastes good. And the food industry can now make anything taste any way it wants. McNuggets are made out of flavored pink chicken paste, a dozen with sauce for $5. Americans love them.

Photo credit: Natalie Dee