Open Source Farming – An Idea For the Times?

Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing a set of blueprints for 40 farming tools that can be built cheaply from scratch. He calls it a “civilization starter kit,” an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village.

He came to the U.S. from Poland as a child. Marcin graduated with honors from Princeton and earned his Ph.D. in fusion physics from the University of Wisconsin. Frustrated with the lack of relevance to pressing world issues in his education, he founded Open Source Ecology in 2003 in order to make closed-loop manufacturing a reality.

Marcin has been the lead fabricator, designer, blogger, and technical curator for OSE’s prototyping thus far. His main interest is evolving to freedom by eliminating resource scarcity as the main force behind human relations – with the wise use of modern technology adapted for human service. He lives and works at OSE’s land-based facility, Factor e Farm in rural Missouri. Marcin wakes up early, practices yoga, cooks indian food, and he’s very ambitious.

Learn more at Open Source Ecology or email Marcin here.