Decision Map – How to Choose the Right Sweetener

Since we’ve just come off Easter and the sugar high that follows, it’s time to remember that “Sugar Is Toxic” and choose our sweeteners carefully.

This handy-dandy decision map will help you choose the right sweetener for your food – assuming that you really need it sweeter!

Question #1: Is your food or drink sweet enough? If you answer “yes” or “not sure,” then don’t add anything. Good advice.

If you answer “no,” the choices are many; though some are not such healthy ones. You will find good old-fashioned honey on here, though someone seems to have missed maple syrup!

Don’t squint – just click on the flow chart and you’ll get a larger version. Much better!

Be Food Smart is a food additive database for the hundreds of ingredients, sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings in today’s foods. Each ingredient report features an easy-to-understand description as well as possible health effects and a letter grade so consumers know instantly if the ingredient should be in their diet. Be Food Smart is devoted to educating the public and helping people change the way they eat.

Thanks to Grist for this one!