The Call of the Land by Steven McFadden

Book CoverThe Call of the Land, Steven McFadden (NorLightsPress, 2009)

The Call of the Land is an excellent outreach tool for schools and farms to help educate and build community support.  The more the community knows about what sustainable agrarian initiatives are doing for the land, for food, and for life, the more strongly the community will stand in support.

While no single remedy meets the many challenges to our food and farms, hundreds of positive, creative options are already in place.  This book sets them out plainly and powerfully.  Every household, library, church, and school should have a copy.

The Call of the Land illuminates the paths forward, revealing a range of models to establish a sustainable agrarian foundation for the fragile high-tech, digital-wave culture emerging so dynamically in our world.  We have commenced a transition the likes of which few are prepared for, but to which we all can respond with intelligence.

The Call of the Land gives voice to a swelling chorus of millennial agrarians who are working in cities, suburbs, countryside schools, churches, companies, and campuses to create a clean, secure, sustainable food system as a healthy foundation.

(Source: The Publisher)

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