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Bringing the Food Economy Home by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Bringing the Food Economy Home, Helena Norberg-Hodge (Kumarian Press, 2002)

If the many social, environmental, and economic crises facing the planet are to be reversed, local food economies must be rebuilt. Given the constant demand for food, even miniscule changes in its production and marketing can offer immense benefits for farmers, consumers, the economy and the environment.

Bringing the Food Economy Home reveals how a shift towards the local would protect and rebuild agricultural diversity by giving farmers a larger share of the money spent on food, and providing consumers with healthier, fresher food at more affordable prices.

  • Reveals how bringing food production to a local level revitalizes rural economies in both the industrialized and developing world
  • Published in association with the International Society for Ecology and Culture
  • For readers concerned with agriculture, community development, environmental sustainability, and ecological economics

(Source: Amazon product description)

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