Congratulations to Bill Marler for His Contributions to the Passage of the Food Safety Bill

We tip our hats and offer congratulations to Bill Marler for his contributions to the passage of the Food Safety Bill.

Marler, Managing Partner of Marler Clark, has been tireless in his pursuit of justice for victims of foodborne illnesses.

For the last decade he has lobbied and testified to advance food safety legislation.

While Marler Clark has won more than $500 million in settlements for clients with foodborne illnesses, one cannot describe Bill with the old-fashioned epithet: “ambulance chaser.”

His firm has become a clearing house to improve education and awareness of food safety issues. Marler Clark has developed a wide range of educational websites and an online news organization dedicated to reporting on food safety.

With a list of contributing writers that approaches 70, Food Safety News has grown over the last year to become a leading source of information for consumers, food producers, retailers, and others concerned about the safety of their food.

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