Bread: One Good Loaf

A round of tawny dough lands with a soft thud on a wooden bench. Flour shimmers in the air. Fingers flying, Peter Nyberg folds, turns, presses, pats, then tosses a perfectly shaped loaf into a cloth-lined basket. It’s just after midnight, and Nyberg — who’s been a chef, baker, consultant, manager, and culinary arts instructor — is back doing what he loves best: making bread.

What the world needs, Nyberg says, is one good loaf, crafted in the 18th-century tradition. That means using organic grains and natural starter, shaping by hand, and baking with fire.

Read how one small bakery is turning out 2000 loaves of bread a week made only of flour (unbleached white, organic emmer, KAMUT®, spelt, rye, and hard red winter wheat), yeast, water and salt.