Coming Home to Eat by Gary Paul Nabhan

Book CoverComing Home to Eat, Gary Paul Nabhan (W. W. Norton,  2009)

Since Coming Home to Eat was first published in 2001, the local food movement has exploded, and more people than ever are “going green” in an effort lead healthier, more eco-friendly lives.

Gary Nabhan’s year-long mission to eat only foods grown, fished, or gathered within 220 miles of his Arizona home offers striking, timely insights into our evolving relationship with food and place – and encourages us to redefine “eating close to home” as an act of deep cultural and environmental significance.

As an avid gardener, ethnobotanist preserving seed diversity, and activist devoted to recovering native food traditions in the Southwest, Nabhan writes about his long campaign to raise awareness about food with contagious passion and humor.

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