“Blackout in a Can” Sickens 9 in WA, Banned in MI

(Updated: 11/10/10)

Mix together college freshmen; super caffeinated alcoholic, sugary, fruit-flavored beverages in brightly colored cans; and a party and you get trouble.

Nine Central Washington University students were hospitalized after drinking Four Loko, also known as “blackout in a can.”

Last month 23 undergrads at Ramapo College in New Jersey suffered alcohol poisoning from the same drink.

Michigan has banned all alcoholic, caffeinated energy drinks from being sold in the state. Reversing its earlier approval, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission banned Four Loko and 54 similar fruity, high-caffeine, high-alcohol drinks, Detroit Free Press reports. Manufacturers have 30 days to remove their products from stores.

Update: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010

Washington is also banning the alcoholic energy drinks, read more here.