Food Alliance Certification for Oysters, Clams, Geoducks, & Mussels

Shellfish Certification

Food Alliance certification for shellfish provides a trusted and independent third-party audit process for certifying socially and environmentally responsible management practices. Certification is not limited to members of Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA). Any shellfish producer or handler interested in making social and environmental claims should consider whether Food Alliance Certification is right for their operation.

The shellfish certification program covers fish and wildlife conservation, healthy and humane care for shellstock, shared resource management, soil and water conservation, and safe and fair working conditions.

Although some approaches to shellfish production can have positive ecosystem effects, particularly in regard to water quality, consumers and commercial food buyers are increasingly concerned about aquaculture’s impacts on the environment. At the same time, concerns for food safety in the shellfish industry is creating greater demand for transparency and traceability.

Shellfish Producers

Food Alliance shellfish certification criteria apply to all North American shellfish production systems that produce shellfish from seed to harvest within a defined area and with clear ownership of the shellfish being cultured.  The program does not cover wild harvest.

Food Alliance Certified shellfish growers must meet standards for safe and fair working conditions, soil and water conservation, and protection of wildlife habitat under the Shellfish Whole Farm Criteria (PDF), and operate in compliance with species-specific criteria for oysters, clams, geoducks, and/or mussels.

Shellfish Handling Operations

Food Alliance Certified shellfish handling operations must meet standards for safe and fair working conditions, conservation of energy and water, waste management, elimination of toxic and hazardous materials, and other facility management concerns under the Food Handler Criteria.

This comprehensive, supply chain-based approach to certification means Food Alliance Certified shellfish products meet high standards for social and environmental responsibility — from the tidelands to the seafood market.

For more information, visit Food Alliance.