Christopher Kailing, Land Use and Planning

Christopher is a licensed architect currently practicing in Missoula, Montana only 100 miles from Mullan, Idaho where he spent his adolescent years in mentorship with a Finnish family that ran a small dairy farm.

He received a Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon (2009) with a focus on design for sustainability and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1999).

As part of his undergraduate training, he studied for a year in Paris and traveled extensively throughout Western Europe, North Africa, and parts of Eastern Europe. Independent of his study program, Christopher also explored South America and traveled through Brazil and Peru. These travel experiences exposed him to many alternative examples of architecture and urban and regional planning including agricultural.

Since 1999, Christopher has worked for architecture firms in California and Florida where his primary experience has been in multifamily and mixed use development. He is a proponent of eco-functional density, bikeable and walkable communities, urban agriculture, and smart growth and has a special proclivity for growing food.

Here is a link to Christopher’s GoodFood World articles and commentary.

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