Weed Wars - The Dandy Dandelion

Like many plants that have fallen out of favor, the dandelion used to be a staple in seed catalogs. Now it is considered a weed: a plant out of place. Terri Gardner presents this podcast sharing the positive traits of the humble dandelion.
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Getting Nettled: Stinging Nettles, Nature's Bounty

Found throughout the U.S., Canada, and much of Europe and Asia, nettles have long been prized as an early source of greens, and used medicinally for various ailments. Stinging nettles are high in protein, iron, vitamins A, C, and K, and other nutrients. Their taste is similar to that of spinach. Nettles are anti-inflammatory, and have often been used to soothe allergic reactions. (Included is a recipe for nettle soup.)
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Hunting Morel Mushrooms

Even for mushroom-hunting novices, morels are easy to identify. Hard to find, but easy to be sure you’re not getting something poisonous! They’re really well camouflaged and are very hard to see in the leaf litter around the base of of a tree. Learn more about morel hunting in Minnesota.
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Foraging for Fungi in the Pacific Northwest

Foraging for mushrooms combines complementary interests: exploring the outdoors and learning more about mushrooms and other fungi. “Mushrooming” has been described “grocery shopping in the woods,” because is it one of the few hobbies where a side benefit is lots of good things to eat.
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