Product Profile: Coffee? Tea? RōBarr (Roasted Barley)!

Linda O’Brien and her husband, Jim raise barley – lots of barley – for a large national brewer. Now they are exploring new opportunities: transitioning their fields to organic production and offering a value-added product – roasted barley. Linda has launched her product line of roasted barley, RōBarr, in Montana and Spokane Washington. You can buy it online too! Calling the coffee alternative RōBarr, Linda has launched a new business roasting, bagging, and marketing grains that can be used for a flavorful beverage as a coffee or tea alternative.
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How to Go ESOP: Bob's Red Mill

After careful consideration, in order to insure that the company he, his family, and his long-time employees worked so hard to build would continue to grow and reflect his values, Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill, chose to create an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
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Let them eat bread!

Amanda Irving and René Featherstone are an unlikely partnership and yet it takes both – the farmer and the baker – to turn an ancient grain like spelt into delicious bread. American consumers have strayed a long way from real food and real bread. René and Amanda are on the path that farmers and bakers have followed for millennia: growing good grain and making good bread. Long may that partnership last!
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