Guerilla Grafters: Fruit on Ornamental Trees

The Guerrilla Grafters are a group of San Franciscans who believe urban trees are a precious thing to waste on simple flowers. Their goal is to graft – albeit illegally – fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing fruit trees, in hopes that over time the cities ornamental trees can provide food for residents free of charge.
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It All Began With An Apple (or Was It a Pear?)

Farmers and orchardists who clearly love the land and the fruit and vegetables they grow are discovering creative ways to make unique products that consumers seek out and are willing to pay a premium for. We profile five Washington orchards ranging from Broetje Orchards, a very large commercial and organic orchard, to four small artisan growers and producers of a variety of organic tree fruit including apples, pears, and stone fruit.
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Black Mulberry Tree (Morus nigra)

My favorite berry is black mulberry, because it is so delicious, and such a rare treat to eat in Seattle. I have requested that a black mulberry tree be planted on my grave.
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