Designing Resilient Farms for a Changing Planet

Visit a modern supermarket and what do you see? Pictures of farmers, the picket fence, the silo, the ’30s farmhouse and the green grass. Nice photos, folks, but very little of the food – and “edible food-like products” – sold there actually comes from a small family farm. In fact some of it doesn’t actually come from a farm at all, but a factory. When you rub elbows for days with farmers of all ages, there is no doubt where your food comes from!
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Where have all the farmers gone?

We’ve got young people who want to farm, but they can’t. When the New York Times recognizes that an industry is in trouble, it is time to correct the problem – fast! We’ve got a cadre of tough, energetic, smart and dedicated young people who want to farm. They’re ready! All we need to do now is give them the financial support they need to do the job.
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What's more important: price or taste?

While 87% of American consumers surveyed said that taste is the most important purchase influencer, they are clearly looking for cheap – and maybe healthy – food. And it appears that consumers are rapidly approaching the time when price will become more important than taste.
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Mark Bittman's Food Manifesto

Mark Bittman, a well-known food writer, New York Times columnist, and author of Food Matters, has published his Food Manifesto for the Future, which would make “growing preparing and consuming food healthier, saner, more productive, less damaging, and more enduring.”
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