Halloween: To Do or Not To Do?

Every day, at GoodFood World, we try to find ways to connect our readers good food. Halloween candy mostly isn’t good food! So this year, I had to decide to either opt out of the whole event or at least try to find something more in line with GoodFood World’s mission.

Decision Map – How to Choose the Right Sweetener

Since we’ve just come off Easter and the sugar high that follows, it’s time to remember that “Sugar Is Toxic” and choose our sweeteners carefully. This handy-dandy decision map will help you choose the right sweetener for your food – assuming that you really need it sweeter!

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

We’re coming up on the #2 candy event of the year – Easter (Halloween is #1) – and consumers are expected to buy more than 120 million pounds of candy for the holiday. Approximately 70% of US candy dollars spent on chocolate during Easter week, that represents about 71 million pounds of chocolate candy. What better time to hear from Dr. Robert Lustig as he explains why sugar is a “chronic toxin” – a poison that will make you sick if you eat it for long enough?

Rising food prices push 44 million into extreme poverty

Rising global food prices has pushed an estimated 44 million more people into extreme poverty in developing countries over the past eight months, the World Bank reports. The poverty-fighting institution said its food price index increased by 15 per cent between October, 2010, and January, 2011, and is just 3 per cent below its 2008 peak during the last food price crisis.

Kids Taught to Prefer Sugar, Fat, Salt, and Fast Food

The frontier in the fight against childhood obesity should be pushed back to toddlers and preschoolers, a new study suggests. Researchers have found that kids ages 3-5 already have developed a taste for sugary, fatty, and salty foods, and easily recognize the brands that offer these options.

FAO Food Price Index Highest Since 1990

Serving both developed and developing countries, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger. The FAO has tracked food prices since 1990. As prices continue to rise on most of the indexes, we are approaching or exceeding the food prices that triggered riots in 2008.

Poll: Are we eating right?

Consumer Reports, the folks that usually tell us the best product to buy, are asking if we know what to eat. In a survey of 1,200 adults nine out of 10 respondents said their diets were “somewhat,” “very,” or “extremely” healthy. Yet the survey turned up some responses that say otherwise.