Bob Moore, CEO of Bob's Red Mill, On Partnering With Growers

Bob Moore, Founder/CEO of Bob’s Red Mill, talks about partnering with farmers like René Featherstone who grows spelt.
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Product of the Week: Bob's Red Mill Organic Spelt

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Spelt makes a great tasting bread, whether you like sandwich loaves or traditional artisan rounds, especially when combined with whole wheat and unbleached white flours, flax seed, wheat brand, and/or other grains and seeds.
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Let them eat bread!

Amanda Irving and René Featherstone are an unlikely partnership and yet it takes both – the farmer and the baker – to turn an ancient grain like spelt into delicious bread. American consumers have strayed a long way from real food and real bread. René and Amanda are on the path that farmers and bakers have followed for millennia: growing good grain and making good bread. Long may that partnership last!
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