Dorothy, pay no attention to that GMO behind the curtain.

Make no mistake about it… Monsanto would be VERY happy to have you, Dorothy, PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE GMOs BEHIND THE CURTAIN. And behind the curtain is where the truth and greatest dangers lie, because their span and depth are nearly omnipresent in our modern American standard diet.

Have Food Allergies? The FDA Says Read the Label!

Since 2006, it has been much easier for people allergic to certain foods to avoid packaged products that contain them. This is because a federal law requires that the labels of most packaged foods marketed in the U.S. disclose in simple-to-understand terms when they are made with a major food allergen. If you’re unsure about whether a food contains any ingredient to which you are sensitive, don’t buy the product, or check with the manufacturer first to ask what it contains. We all want convenience, but it’s not worth playing Russian roulette with your life or that of someone under your care.

New Biobased Label Approved by USDA

The USDA has launched a voluntary labeling program that will allow manufacturers and distributors to use a USDA Certified Biobased Product label on qualifying products that meet or exceed the amount of biobased content required for certification. The content level varies according to the type of product certified.