Last Ditch Effort

We offer the following interview with Devon Peña to highlight issues that are facing farmers across the US as well as around the world. Challenges like farm worker shortages – is it an immigration issue or worker welfare issue? Or corporate control by Big Ag, Big Food, and Big Org (as in organics)? Or commodity speculation by the world’s stock markets which is driving the cost of basic food stuffs beyond the reach of millions? Or factory farming that have mastered the “art” of growing and killing animals faster and on a larger scale than ever before? We’ll bring you information on all those issues this week, and we start with a “food commons.”
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Devon Peña - Teacher, Farmer, Anthropologist

Devon Peña – teacher, farmer, anthropologist – talks about food sovereignty and producer ethics. He is part of a co-op of 52 farmers in the San Luis Valley of Colorado who raise grass-fed beef and heritage corn and beans.
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