The Healthier “Happy Meal” (sans the GMOs!)

Three weeks ago I began a class out of my kitchen, called “Meatless Mondays in Ina’s Kitchen.” For the month of March, I’ve opened up my kitchen to 8 eager participants who come hungry and receptive to what I’ve prepared and set before them. Each week I have a theme or two, and a menu that exemplifies the themes. The foods chosen reflect the transition into spring and the produce being as seasonal and local as possible.
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Conscious Consumption on a Budget

It’s not always easy to keep track of the content of your food. You might not always have time to go to the natural foods store, and if want to go out to eat, odds are you can’t afford to eat at the restaurant that lists the life history of every vegetable on your plate. At those times, we usually don’t worry about whether our food is organic or not, but whether it is fresh, delicious, and preferably local (at least supporting a local business).
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