Seven Reasons Why Real CSAs Matter

Knowing where your food comes from – and getting to know your farmer – is a critical step in knowing what’s IN your food. Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up for a CSA, how do you know who’s real? Success breeds competition and sometimes that competition is fudging it. Some of those CSAs you’re looking at are not REAL CSAs.
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Tavis Smiley Interviews Will Allen

Listen to public radio’s Tavis Smiley as he talks with Will Allen, a former NBA player and the founder/CEO of Growing Power, an urban agriculture and food system that provides fresh fruits and vegetables in urban food deserts.
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Pick a Peck of Purple Peppers

Minutes after meeting Hilario Alvarez in the packing sheds on his farm south of Yakima Washington, we were dashing after him down and across rows of peppers that were blazing with ripe fruit. Until you’ve stood knee-deep or, in some cases, waist-deep in dark green pepper plants, you have no idea how striking the colors of ripe peppers can be.
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The Right Price for Good Food - Part 2: From the Farmer’s Perspective

Most people who care about good food are at least somewhat aware that the (mostly small) farms which grow good food scrape by financially while farm bill subsidies go to large commodity farms. In this second of three pieces on food prices, our local food systems economist, Viki Sonntag, explores how these subsidies shape market prices and in turn our product choices.
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Challenges to Agrodiversity in Poptun, Guatemala

Hombres de maíz. Men of corn. More than just a description, it’s the basis of the Mayan belief system. Popol Vuh, the Mayan’s eight hundred year-old narrative of creation, teaches just that: humankind is created from corn.
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The Organic Opportunity

“THE ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY/Local Organic Food as Economic Development in Woodbury County, Iowa” tells the story of the first county in the US to promote local organic agriculture as economic development.
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Alvarez Organic Farms, Mabton WA

Alvarez Organic Farms is not your ordinary Yakima valley vegetable farm! After realizing that he couldn’t compete in the market for the usual assortment of vegetables, Hilario Alvarez took steps that showed he was an intuitive marketing genius. Find out how he did it.
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Lindsay Barbieri, Finnriver Farm

Lindsay Barbieri, farm crew, tells us about Finnriver Farm, a 33-acre organic family farm and artisan cidery located along a restored salmon stream located off Center Road, in the rural Chimacum Valley, a traditionally agricultural region on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
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