In the Kitchen with Ina - Part 2

“Ways to improve health and happiness by eating home-cooked real foods” continues with suggestions that are pertinent on the path of eating and cooking healthier real foods, perhaps you will remember a few forgotten gems and/or find a useful new suggestion from this next list.
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The Disconnect

Organically grown, local, whole, affordable, planetary stewardship, food justice, sustainably farmed, humanely raised and slaughtered, slow cooked and seasonally eaten, nutritionism, vegan, healthy lifestyle; these are just some of the words that come to mind around the elite conversation of How, What, When and Where we eat these days. There is so much to talk about, and these words do not exist in isolation of one another.
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The power of ONE

Dump the chemical laden, sugared, salted, fat filled, fake colored, processed and fast food junk as much as possible, and gradually move toward whole, unprocessed, seasonal, organically grown or raised as often as doable. Spend your organic dollars on animal products, if you eat them.
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MyPlate vs. MySupermarket

Last Thursday (June 2), in her ongoing efforts to campaign against obesity in America, Michelle Obama unveiled a new, simpler visual image of what most American consumers need to be reminded of: what a healthful diet looks like on their plate. In a good effort to find the much needed “make it easy for the public seeking to understand their magic bullet solution,” the MyPlate IS a laudable upgrade, though insufficient.
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It's Spring! What Season is YOUR Food?

Do you know what seasons your foods are from?

It is 70 and balmy here today in the Garden State. I am itchy to get outside, take a walk, and make something really healthy for dinner. Weather like this inspires me to begin spring cleaning… and this year it’s beginning… with me!
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