Glorious salad – and a bargain!

Today I’m here to glorify the food phenomenon we know as salad: that combination of greens and vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that’s savory and sweet and bitter with all different textures thrown in, and topped with any type of sauce from thick and creamy to a simple oil and vinegar.

Kate’s in the Kitchen: Lessons Learned

Looking back, this last month has been a little roller-coaster ride. Ian and I have taken on a number of new challenges, some individual and some joint. I took on a new job while he took on more practice hours in preparation for his recital. I launched a new website and we started saving our food scraps for compost. As I mentally ticked off the events of the last few weeks, it was clear that we weren’t wasting time. In between each hiccup we celebrated little successes, and even our low points left us with lessons learned.

Katie’s in the Kitchen: Cover It In Chocolate!

When it comes to gift-giving, I try to do homemade as much as possible. Things like knit hats, Christmas cookies, photographs you’ve taken… it means more when you know the giver has put real time and thought into it.

Provender – More Than Good Food

Provender… the simple definition is food. From October 6-8, Provender meant a gathering of hundreds of people who grow, harvest, prepare, and love good, healthy, local food. There are few events with the energy level, connection, and camaraderie that Provender Alliance’s annual conference delivered.

Quitting… But Not Cold Turkey

I’m starting off with the idea… no, the belief… that food can be all at once delicious, healthy, and affordable. I mean healthy in the minimally processed, as-natural-as-possible kind of way and I mean delicious in the easy-from-scratch cook-at-home meals kind of way. I’ve got a good start with many years experience cooking delicious meals on a budget. What I’m aiming to do is add organic and local to the equation, educating myself (and readers) along the way.