Rose Silcox-Quimby: Changing Food Cultures

I’m Rose. My hope in coming to GoodFood World is to explore and share the history and science about traditional foods and ingredients. I want to help preserve these traditions from disappearing and find new ways to incorporate them into our modern diets. I’m not promoting any specific diet but instead seek to find a deeper understanding of what is around us.

Even though I am German, my main focus will be on Japan and Asia. I have been fascinated by Asia since I was a very small child when my grandfather would share stories and pictures of the time he spent in Japan as a civil engineer for the US Army during the Occupation.

Over the years I have studied the culture, history and language. When I attended the University of Washington I got a degree from the Jackson School of International Studies in Asian Studies with a focus on Japan. It wasn’t until in my last quarter when I took Chado (a Japanese tea ceremony class) that I truly began to study traditional Japanese cuisine.

Japan’s culinary history is simply amazing. My interest in the cuisine has taken me all over Japan from tea fields in Shizuoka to miso factories in Aichi. Along the way I discovered a food history that spans time and space. Even more amazing is how this seemingly exotic world of Asian cuisine has crossed paths with our own many times, without us even realizing it.

In the end, it all comes down to one simple notion: that once the world over we all had access to good food. Food that now is being forgotten or altered beyond all recognition. My work will explore these foods and, more importantly, seek for ways to get them back and preserve them for ourselves and the future.


Rose Silcox-Quimby was born in Germany and grew up on two continents: Western Europe and North America. From a long line of German bakers, she learned to love good healthy food and great baked goods. Rose’s fascination with Asian culture and Japanese culinary history have given her special insights into simple, healthy food prepared with mindfulness.

She and her husband Chad live and work in Seattle while planning – and saving for – their next Asian destination: an extended trip to South Korea.

Here is a link to Rose’s GoodFood World articles and commentary.

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