Double X Bar Ranch - Stewards of the Land

A descendant of generations of Montana ranchers and farmers, Tim Dusenberry, owner and operator of Double X Bar Ranch, is the steward of nearly 600 acres of farmland where he raises 135 head of beef cattle, 40+ pigs, and uncounted laying hens just a few miles from the city limits of Helena.
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Puppy-Approved Treats and Snacks

When your fur baby has terrible food allergies, what do you do? And what about those always necessary puppy treats? These are puppy-approved, contain no allergy triggers for Lizzie, and simple to make. They are nothing more than tiny cookies.
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There is Something Wrong; Really Wrong!

Big Food, Big Ag, Big Org(anic), and Big Business have all convinced us that the “American Food System” is a wonderful thing to be maintained at all costs. Maintained on the backs of farmworkers, meat processing workers, food service workers, and other “invisible” workers, our food system delivers cheap strawberries from California, Mexico, and Chile year ‘round, and chicken nuggets and hamburgers by the barrel full.
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Beyond Organic to Regenerative Organic

Regenerative Organic Certification adds criteria and builds off the USDA NOP standards and other standards in the areas of soil health and land management, animal welfare, and farmer and worker fairness. Beyond organic as it stands today.
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Montana's NEW Range Riders

Range rider Bree and her horse Shasta out for a morning’s ride. (Source: Hilary Anderson, Tom Miner Basin Association)

While traditionally range riders – “cowboys” of old – were men, many of the range riders in the Tom Miner Basin today are women.

Audio Interview

Bree Morrison tells about her life as a
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The Resilient Ranch

Montana is rightfully called Big Sky Country, and it’s not unusual to drive 3 or 4 hours to attend a meeting, visit friends, or join a field day to learn about ranching or farming. On a hot and smoky day in August, Anderson Ranch in the Tom Miner Basin, near Yellowstone National Park, hosted several dozen folks who came to learn more about resilient ranching.
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Red Meat, Processed Meat, and Cancer – The Latest Form of Yellow Journalism?

We’ve just finished 31 days of commercials, ads, and events – and pink everything – as part of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re all aware of the threat of cancer – all types of cancer – regardless of our age or gender. So now we’re being told that even the meat on our plates is going to cause cancer. What’s the real truth?
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Holy S**T! Outlawing Manure?

It’s very strange to hear the FDA and food safety people talking about outlawing manure on organic farms. I grew up on an organic farm where I rolled around with my dog on the manure pile (well composted, of course) and, you know, my brother and I were the healthiest kids in school. It may turn out that all this manure may actually be worth a lot of money!
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